Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bun B Is A Genius

The always great blog Cocaine Blunts has featured an excellent interview with Bun B about the classic album Soul Food by Goodie Mob. This interview is incredible, especially for fans of the album. Bun B is an incredibly smart guy, and his insights into this great record are the kind of insights that are needed in this culture that tends to completely overlook just how powerful, intelligent and creative good rap music can be. This album has a ton of sentimental value for me because I was listening to it a ton back in 96 with my boy Rob Joyal who left us here in the mortal world in 1998, at the age of 18. This album is a bonafied hip hop classic in my mind and 20,000 times better than that Cee-Lo Green crap that Cee-Lo went on to barf out. Click here for the realness.

If You Haven't Seen Enough Subway Horror Movies, Check This Out

End of the Line is a surprisingly good horror film that takes place mostly in a subway, and I don't mean the chain deli where Jared lost weight. I'm not one of those reviewers that likes to give you the whole plot of the movie (unless its a movie so terrible you would never watch it anyway.) In this case, the film unfolds very unpredictably, and to give anything about it away would possibly ruin your enjoyment of it. Halloween is coming up soon, and it seems like people of all walks of life love to watch horror movies this time of year (unlike horror nerd weirdos like my friends and I who watch them almost exclusively.) There are alot of highly hyped up new films out there, and most of them seem to be consisted mostly of hype. This film is pretty unheard of, and its really, really good. Its Canadian, maybe that's why American fans haven't eaten it up yet. The film has its flaws, but none that would offend the sensibilities of people who like to watch horror films. Some of the acting is really bad, but for me, that kind of just adds to the fun. The gore is surprisingly excellent, the story is great, and the concept is very original and turns some conventional horror themes on their respective ears. If you need a good, scary horror movie that most likely nobody you know has ever seen, snag this little gem. Its on Netflix.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I have a feeling that the current version of this ad would go something like this: "The candy wrapper you drop on the ground will kill us all. The polar ice caps are melting. Please support a giant government program to save the world." I guess I'm just a product of the radical, "think for yourself' 80s.