Thursday, May 2, 2013

A True Story Part 1

TRUE STORY: Recent exchange at a wedding I DJd:
Person: Do you have any Marvin Gaye?
 Me: Wha? Ben-Gay?
 Person: NO, do you have any MARVIN GAYE?
 Me: Hold on, I can't hear you, let my turn down this Hoobastank.
 Person: Yeah, I was wondering, could you play some Marvin Gaye?
 Me: Wellllll, was he in Hoobastank?
 Person: What?
 Me: I'm pretty sure I have some of his stuff.
 Person: Cool, like maybe “Let's Get It On”?
 Me: Nahhhh, I don't have that one.
 Person: Damn. How about “Got to Give It Up”?
 Me: Nahhhhhhhhhh. I only have the stuff he did with Hoobastank.
 Person: What the hell are you talking about?
 Me: I pretty much only have Hoobastank. The person that hired me said they wanted music. If this “Gaye” guy you're talking about was in Hoobastank, I can hook you up. Beyond that, sorry, can't help you.
 (Long silence)....
 Person: Well, dammit. Do have any Reel Big Fish, at least?
 Me: I might have a tape in my car. Can you man the reel to reel while I go and look for it?
 Person: Hell yeah, man, if if means I get to break up this Hoobastank party with some Reel Big Fish, I'm down. What this party needs is some REEL BIG FISH!
 Me: Totally, thanks, dude. I'll be back in a minute with this killer Reel Big Fish tape. I also have a nitrous tank in the car if you want a balloon.
 Person: Sick, I'm sposed to get married in like 2 minutes... but screw it, lets go check out a fat balloon. Forget this lame party, lets just listen to that Reel Big Fish tape in your car. Are you into disc golf?
Me: Hells yeah, brah.
 Coming Summer 13: Me and Person's Disc Golf Adventures: Volume 1: Checkmate
Coming Summer 15:  Me and Person's Disc Golf Adventures:  Volume 2:  Endgame