Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Quick Note on Comments

I'm a blog comment whore. It makes me feel like these reviews are worth the time. So, I respectfully ask you to leave comments if you read the blog. I've run into several friends recently who told me they read it, and furthermore like it! This is great news and I am thankful for everyone who enjoys my ranting. I wish more people would leave comments, however. And if you come here from myspace, leave a comment here and not on myspace. Myspace won't ever make me møney. The best thing about blog comments is that you get to fill out a "captcha" thing, that little box with the wavy letters that you are supposed to copy to verify that you aren't a machine. Recently I have had the best blog comment captchas. I just left a comment on Trashcanland (peep the link on the right) and the captcha I got was "mendiss". An interesting turn of phrase. It could be slang for "mend this", or it cøuld mean the action of dissing men.
IE: "I really enjoyed the Spring Jam at the Smith College Quad, but some of the more butch singer songwriters were amping up the mendiss."

By far the best captcha I've gotten recently was "manhoss". That is so evocative and has real personal relevance for me. "Hoss" is a Cape Cod slang word for a, well hoss guy. Something that is hoss is something big, strong, burly. Shop kids who wear construction boots, flannels and drive big trucks. The truck itself could be described as hoss.

Upon doing a google image search for "hoss", this pic came up.

This guy's name is Hoss Lickfield, and I would say his name suits him. He is hoss.

So, leave comments, please.


Jaefur said...

hey man. having no computer and ipod touchin' the net makes me apathetic to typing but honestly these are some entertaining reviews considering I've never seen the movies

oh and did you know the captcha shit actually doubles as a worldwide collaborative effort to convert old scripts and shit to digital?

Richard said...

Howdy Pard! I just wanted to say that I am flattered that you think I am Hoss. My friends think so too. Nice Blog. Very educational.

Hoss Lickfield